Universal & questioning; progress & answering

Discussing universal & questioning is clearly not a simple matter.

I told you in one of my first article (only in French so far) that, for me, absolute could only be reached through questioning, that the question was the only “truth” shared by everyone, a pure interrogative absolute then. As soon as an attempt to answer is made, other possibilities are de facto excluded. When a proposition A is hold as the truth, then its contrary not-A becomes false. A and not-A will nonetheless both have their own followers, we’ll come back to that later on. Answers seen as truths are thus neither shared by everyone nor constant over time, contrary to the original question which could perhaps be ignored but certainly not disproved. Let’s take the “Is there a God?” question as an example. Answers to that are extremely various, only the question itself is shared by everyone. That’s what Sans Echo is about, the place where the questioning takes place.

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Farewell Michelle, thank you Reiko

I admit it right away: the whole situation might look a bit pathetic and it is quite dubiously that I look at it and at myself. I have been troubled over the past hours by the death of one of my favorite characters from the TV show 24… no comment.

On the contrary, let’s comment: I am the first one being surprised by it. As I have been estranged from my own emotions for quite some time, looking from some distance at what happens in my everyday life, what could this emotion mean?

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Behind the door, a promise

Sans Echo is now brand-new, hallelujah.

Even if we are still not talking cutting-edge design, this website underwent a small revolution: no vintage photos, no pre-dot-com-bubble-burst look anymore. Aside from pure esthetic changes, the whole ergonomics, architecture, browsing, categories have been updated. It is even 100% secured, can you imagine that (please have a look at the “https://” at the beginning of the site’s URL)? Sans Echo is thus officially 2017-ready.

— What for?

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