Farewell Michelle, thank you Reiko

I admit it right away: the whole situation might look a bit pathetic and it is quite dubiously that I look at it and at myself. I have been troubled over the past hours by the death of one of my favorite characters from the TV show 24… no comment.

On the contrary, let’s comment: I am the first one being surprised by it. As I have been estranged from my own emotions for quite some time, looking from some distance at what happens in my everyday life, what could this emotion mean?

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Behind the door, a promise

Sans Echo is now brand-new, hallelujah.

Even if we are still not talking cutting-edge design, this website underwent a small revolution: no vintage photos, no pre-dot-com-bubble-burst look anymore. Aside from pure esthetic changes, the whole ergonomics, architecture, browsing, categories have been updated. It is even 100% secured, can you imagine that (please have a look at the “https://” at the beginning of the site’s URL)? Sans Echo is thus officially 2017-ready.

— What for?

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What can I say?

I have always lived in fear of not being able to tell anything anymore.

I have never been much of a talkative person as I have the unfortunate tendency of judging as stupid what my fellows keep on saying. I have never quite understood what the interest would be for me to tell everyone about my commuting or about my schedule between ironing, eating some pasta, going to the loo and coping with my half-witted colleagues.

Dear reader, we don’t know each other: my life sucks, so does yours. There is thus no need to dig into further details, let’s try our best to keep unspoiled our fragile cordiality.

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