Behind the door, a promise

Sans Echo is now brand-new, hallelujah.

Even if we are still not talking cutting-edge design, this website underwent a small revolution: no vintage photos, no pre-dot-com-bubble-burst look anymore. Aside from pure esthetic changes, the whole ergonomics, architecture, browsing, categories have been updated. It is even 100% secured, can you imagine that (please have a look at the “https://” at the beginning of the site’s URL)? Sans Echo is thus officially 2017-ready.

— What for?

This is indeed the only interest behind all this fuss. I must admit that I have been like a child, spending nights on this detail or that parameter… a Christmas gift to myself. This is strange enough, as I am still struggling so much to be able to write anything. Why is all this for, I wonder too.

It seems to me there is no definitive answer. I did all this for everything, for nothing, the reason is both madly and not at all important. As I’ve spent hours working on the form, I haven’t thought about the content at all. But it wasn’t only because I wanted something nice to look at: I think that the excitement I was feeling came from the faith I had in what could come next. Polishing all this, even though no substance is established yet, allows many possibilities: it is in fact a promise. That everything will be ready if something is to come, that all has been taken care of, in order to prepare for a possible destiny. It is about confidence in some kind of progress. For the first time in a very long time, I have enjoyed doing something for Sans Echo, elated that I was by the hope of something good to come.

It is now time to make it happen. It is not about fantasizing behind a beautiful closed door but it is about opening it and exploring, discovering some more and never ever stopping again.

Translated from this article, apologies for language approximations

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