About – The meaning of life

I am not sure I could give a better explanation to the goal behind Sans Echo than what I cover in my different articles. When I first started writing for it, I had honestly no idea what I was going to talk about. The overall scheme (if there is any) came bit by bit. The only thing I was sure at the time was that the day before writing my first article, as I was crushed by a complete lack of meaning and a feeling of utter uselessness, everything almost came to an end. I didn’t want to be erased without leaving something behind and this last-minute revolt was the only thing that prevented me from jumping.

Hence at the beginning, a definite need to step in, even though I dreaded so much having nothing to write about.

Then came the rationalizing demon (article only in French so far): if I open my mouth while I don’t have much worth saying, then I have to talk about the absolute, about what will be true for ever and ever. Or nothing seems constant to me: the only universal I can see lies with the questioning, before answers are made as they exclude, by definition, what is contrary to them. Without an answer however, what is the point of having a question in the first place?

At last, my two principles. Addressing on one side the question and the universal, on the other side my own biased reflections which nonetheless allow some kind of progress. Should I speak from my grand-mother Yvonne’s great recipe for Mac & Cheese or from space & time, I always want to tackle both the absolute questioning and one or many answers, for some meaning to occur. Sans Echo is where the questions and my answers are being addressed, where the universal and some personal development are mixed with each other. It is within the motion between a purely interrogative absolute and the answers, that are admittedly relative but enable some kind of progress, that lies my meaning and purpose. It is there that I enjoin you to look for your own.

I look forward to reading from you, as all this is in the end about the meaning of life. About mine, about yours as well.

Adam Vox